CFQ Qigong

Welcome to the UK Site for CFQ Qigong Community.  Our site contains details of classes, workshops, practice days and events being held in and around the UK by Registered CFQ Instructors and Classes.  All are welcome and please contact us if you require more information.

Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong (or ‘CFQ’) is a practice of rescuing the mind from thoughts to restore life to the body, bringing peace and rejuvenation.  CFQ develops “presence” through body feeling, revealing thoughts and memories as glue-like bundles of energetic information and blockages throughout the body and within every cell.  Through a series of specific movement and meditation, blockages are dissolved and released layer by layer to be replaced with smooth flow of pure radiant cosmic energy.

CFQ is an ‘un-doing’ or letting-go approach to healing rather than adding new energy or information.  CFQ reverses the normal hardening and compacting pattern of aging and disease, allowing muscles and joints to open and release and organs to realign.  As the mind is liberated from thoughts and restored to the body, cells start to vibrate and emit light becoming more alive.

Through consistent practice the whole body is lit up and restructured at every level, physical and energetic.  Over time it becomes very soft, light and vibrant with an expanded awareness within and around the body and a sense of peace and joy throughout.

CFQ was founded by Master Yap Soon-Yeong of Malaysia, who having spent thousands of hours in meditation has received insights on life and the cause of diseases.

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