Mandy de Winter

Mandy’s Contact Details
Mandy de Winter – 01952 883242

Mandy’s Classes

Mandy is a Level 1 and 2 instructor and offers weekly classes,  and weekends in Shropshire.

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Just a bit about my background and how I discovered CFQ!

I teach Movement and Dance which I’ve done since 1987,  leading groups, running classes, weekend workshops and residential events. However, In 2008 I was suffering from various health issues – including, high anxiety, , insomnia, IBS and frozen shoulder – and through a friend, was introduced to CFQ. I found this practice to be hugely beneficial and life changing and have been practising CFQ ever since.

I keep my training up by attending regular  days and workshops in the U.K. and I have  also been several times to Malaysia to work  with Master Yap. I became an Level 1 instructor in 2011 and a Level 2 instructor in 2016 and am keen to introduce and spread the healing benefits of CFQ to others.

As well as offering regular classes,  (see above),

I am availalbe for 1-1 work 

Do contact me for more details if you’re interested.