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Since 1995 I trained, competed and taught in the Martial Arts of Kick boxing, Mayo-shindo karate, Praying mantis Kung Fu and Capoeira. I then studied and taught Reiki along side these and later then practiced Yoga for 5 years and ended up teaching Children’s classes. I spent along time experiencing different meditation forms and styles, but what I found was that I had developed a deep seated anxiety and physically my legs, hips, knees and ankles and body were in constant pain. I then found CFQ in Oxford in 2008 and after 3 weeks worth of practice had found that I had developed a new, softer version of a body, free from my long standing injuries, pains and physical distortions. My posture naturally improved and my anxiety levels improved dramatically.

I realised that I had found a true healing system and teaching. I attended weekly classes over the first 5 years of practice along side my ongoing daily practice. I have attended many retreats with Master Yap both here and in Malaysia and monthly practice days and in 2010 received permission to instruct. I taught classes  and workshops in Oxford, Abingdon and Highworth. I then moved to Stroud in Gloucestershire in 2011 to start a family. I then  used this time to take a break from teaching to concentrate on my personal practice and understanding of the CFQ teachings.

Cfq has given me a refreshing new outlook and increasing level of peace towards life and appreciation for the small, simple things that life has to offer like having a regular job, a home, love of family, friends, health and the opportunity to take responsibility for my own wellness and happiness. I am available to teach level 1 groups , workshops and one to one sessions.